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Virtual Try-On Technology: How Does it Benefit Buyers and Brands?

April 26, 2024


In a world of cut-throat sunglasses competition, brands must carve a niche to sustain and succeed. Businesses need to “cast a spell” and make their prospects move towards them if possible. Jokes apart, it’s easier said than done. Well, no worries. Technology comes to the rescue.

To stay competitive, brands must offer unique services in addition to quality eyewear to help attract more customers. With many people using glasses to power their fashion statements, most leading brands may already be set with your special package of 2024 trendy eyewear.

Some brands qualify as those offering a tech-driven, novel, and marvelous shopping experience to their buyers. Wondering how?

Read on to delve into how augmented reality, with the feature of virtual try-on, lets eyewear brands revolutionize their ways of selling products. Most importantly, it offers you, as a buyer, a completely unmatched shopping experience as a buyer.

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What Do Buyers Get Out Of It?


In a typical scenario, you need to visit the eyewear outlet in person to see what sunglasses fit and what doesn’t. Come emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR). You boost your chances of finding the best eyewear with minimal effort. Yes, you heard it right. How?

AR technology enables you to download certain apps on your smartphones or desktops and do a quick virtual try-on. From the comfort of your sofa, you can perform the trials from the wide range of options that brands offer. AR technology lets you move into our innovative virtual trial rooms in the app and allows you to enjoy a hassle-free and immersive shopping experience.

Eco-friendly Approach

These days, with a lot of buzz around sustainability, regardless of the product or service, you, as a buyer, would prefer eco-friendly options. With virtual try-on, you don’t need to physically try and check the eyewear while ensuring a rewarding and sustainability-centric trend. Virtual try-on keeps you fixed to cleaner and safer methods, guaranteeing a carefree and gratifying buying experience.

Ample Sunglasses Varieties

When you visit a shop, you are constrained by several factors. For example, you may have a pre-set schedule that lets you try out at random some glasses while not truly ensuring the choice meets your desires. In contrast, virtual try-on offers you multiple options, including a vast selection of trendy frames and other features. The best part is you don’t need to rush as you can use the app at your convenience and take your time to check every style or pattern of frames or glasses on the shopping menu. Great, isn’t it?

How Does Virtual Try-On Help Brands?

Boosts Sales

As brands enable virtual try-ons on their websites, they are already set to shoot up their revenues. Why? Well, the countless benefits this feature brings to their prospects invariably let the latter turn to these brands. Existing customers who know of this option will jump into buying from these businesses as it allows them to try all the quality eyewear at their convenience. With a rise in prospects, brands naturally double their chances of making sales – right?

Sets The Brand Apart

Similar to any other industry, glasses and eyewear face stiff competition among players. Whether a brand is a market leader or a locally renowned eyewear outlet, it must stay alert to win the game. It must stand out and offer a unique selling proposition to attract more buyers. In a digital age, everyone wants to fulfill their desires in an ultra-comfortable and hassle-free way.

AR is still nascent, with just a few brands having enabled the virtual try-on feature. This gives those businesses an edge and lets them create a “wow” effect for their shoppers!

Cuts Down Churn And Return Rates

In a typical buying scenario, brands experience relatively higher customer churn rates. Some buyers shop at nearby eyewear outlets, while others are intent on specific brands. There are still others who are loyal to their opticians and just don’t try elsewhere. And there are still others who are too old or can’t commute to your shops. This causes customers to shift brands or outlets based on their proximity, varieties offered, etc.

Additionally, churn and return rates fluctuate. However, with virtual try-on, all prospects and existing customers—regardless of their age, location, style preferences, or other factors — can aggressively check a plethora of eyewear and share their experiences with others. This considerably reduces the number of dissatisfied customers and, in turn, boosts a brand.

Wrapping Up

In today’s digital era, all businesses must tap technology to thrive. This holds good for eyewear brands, too. Virtual try-on will soon be a must-have in most fashion brands, making it important for every business to embed this feature into their websites right away so they don’t lag.

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