How do I get my Prescription?

Once your Eye Exam is complete, your Optometrist will give you a copy of your Eyeglass prescription. If you don’t have a copy, simply call your Optometrist’s office and they will email it to you.

Do you make Progressive or Bifocal Lenses?

Simply stated: No. A progressive or Bifocal lens is MUCH different than a single vision Prescription. Specific height measurements need to be taken in front of a Licensed Optician. If Measurements are off, even by 1-2 millimeters the Prescription will be wrong. We do not recommend this at any time. A trained Eye Care Professional should only take this measurement.

What’s the difference between a Distance and a Reading Prescription?

Great question! A distance Prescription is just for that: Distance! This prescription will improve your vision while driving, reading street signs, or even watching that favorite Netflix show of yours on TV.

A reading Prescription is basically for fine close up vision specifically. You’ll need it for Reading that page-turner of a book, any computer work, and that really small fine print on vitamin bottles. Remember: These are for close-up work only! Anything past 4-6 feet will be very Blurry.

How do I know if the frames will fit?

Frame sizes have been broken down to three main size widths. Frame sizes can be found in the description of each frame. 

Small: 46-48 eye size
Medium: 49-53 eye size
Large: 54-57 eye size

What kind of lenses do you offer? 

We use the highest quality of Lens material, we pride ourselves on that. ALL our lenses include:

  • Anti-Glare protective coating, front and back side

  • Anti-scratch coating, front and back side

  • UV Filtering

  • An easy to clean top coating that prevents the lenses from smearing or smudging on you

Do you deal with insurance companies?

We don’t directly deal with your insurance companies at this time. However, we will provide you with a receipt as well as an additional receipt for submitting and claiming to your insurer.

How can I pay? It’s easy! We accept Visa and Mastercard. Simply key in your payment info on the order page and you are done! Your credit card statement will show Jimmy Mac Eye on your monthly purchases bill.

Any other questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us below or 1 888 978 5361

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